Stray animal on road
Motorcycle and cycle collisions with stray animals do happen and can be very serious. Collisions are common with unrestrained dogs in built up areas and livestock animals in rural areas such as cows, sheep, horses and pigs. Animals are unpredictable and can dart out without warning.

Can I claim compensation after a collision with a stray animal?

A claim for compensation can be brought by an injured motorcyclist or bike rider however a claim for compensation after an accident with animal is very difficult to pursue and requires specialist legal advice and guidance. Bike Injury Solicitors can provide you with the assistance required to firstly establish if you have a claim and secondly to make your claim a successful one.

Guide to bringing an animal bike accident claim

  1. One of the biggest hurdles is establishing that the animal has an owner against whom your compensation claim can be brought. If there is no owner then a claim is unlikely to be successful.

  2. Once an owner has been identified it is important to then establish the owner has the means to pay for any compensation award you may secure for your injuries and losses. Like motorists, if the owner has a policy of insurance in place such as public liability insurance, household insurance or pet insurance this provides reassurance that you will actually receive monetary compensation once you secure an award.

  3. You then need to prove the owner has been negligent in allowing the animal to come into contact with you or your bike and the negligence in some way caused your accident. For example if you have an accident with cattle on the road, a farmer’s failure to properly maintain fencing to a reasonable standard to hold the cattle in a field would be evidence of negligence.

If you have suffered injury as a result of a collision or through efforts to avoid a collision with an animal contact us to discuss your case further. We always provide a free consultation to injured bike riders.

We will answer any queries, guide you through the applicable law and the evidence required to pursue your case.

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