Bike Helmet Camera


Given the dangers motorcyclists, moped riders and cyclists face on UK roads it is not surprising more and more 2 wheel riders are choosing to purchase helmet or bike cameras. If you don’t currently use a bike or helmet camera and you are a frequent rider, we advise you invest in a camera. The footage from the camera can prove crucial in accident cases, particularly when addressing the issue of fault.

If you are involved in an accident and your camera is damaged you are entitled to recover the costs of repairing or replacing the same.

Bike or Helmet Camera Footage

It is important that you retain any footage of the accident as this is likely to be crucial evidence to assist your case even if you are partly to blame.

Witness Evidence

If fault for your accident is disputed, witnesses are usually the first port of call to help determine what happened in an accident, particulary in collisions involving other road users. Unfortunately this is now becoming more difficult. People are often reluctant to come forward and give evidence of what they saw. There is often an assumption that witnesses will have to give up a large amount of their time to assist in the case and attend court. Often however the issue of fault is resolved well before the case proceeds before the court.

In addition bike riders can be knocked unconscious by an accident or suffer a serious injury which precludes them from speaking to witnesses and securing their details before they leave the scene. Helmet or bike camera footage can therefore be crucial evidence to determine what happened and where blame lies. An insurance company is often hard placed to dispute a case whereby camera footage has been disclosed clearly showing their insured driver is at fault.

It is important (but not detrimental) that the date and time are accurately imputed on the camera before it used. If you have any questions regarding the footage you have of an accident call our bike accident experts today for advice.

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