We all have fond memories of riding our bike as children and the freedom this gave us in exploring the world around us. Our children are the cyclists of the future. Unfortunately children are more susceptible to accidents as our roads become more and more congested.

Children can be less experienced on our roads and may also have limited knowledge of the Highway Code. The law recognises this and is on their side.

There is an additional duty on other road users to take extra care and precautions if there are children out riding their bikes nearby. For example when motorists are passing a school they are expected to slow down and pay attention for children who may enter or join the road with little notice whether on a cycle or on foot.

Causes of Child Bike Accidents

There are many causes of accident which can result in a child suffering injury and often are no different to accidents involving adult cyclists. These can include accidents with cars, vans, lorry who may fail to take proper care when reversing out of driveways, turning into junctions or moving across the road without paying proper attention to the presence of a child cyclist.

Children may also be injured in accidents with other cyclists or pedestrians, as a result of a pothole or as a result of a faulty bike or cycle equipment. Whatever the nature of the accident it is important to note that a claim can be made if the accident and injury was caused by somebody’s negligence and not as a result of the injured child’s own misfortune.

What to do after a child cycle accident

We know that making a claim for compensation is the last thing in a parent’s thoughts if their child has suffered injury following a cycle accident.  It is important that you focus on securing the appropriate medical treatment for your child’s injuries from your GP or hospital. You should also notify the police of the accident if they did not attend the scene. This can be important if your child was injured by a motorist who was not insured, left the scene without leaving their details or the accident was with a foreign driver. You should then contact us to discuss the accident and your child’s needs to help them back on the road to recovery.

Why Speak to Bike Injury Solicitors?

We can help secure early rehabilitation, medical aids and care if the injuries are serious. We will also start to collate all the necessary evidence such as statements from witnesses whilst the accident is fresh in their mind. We will also secure any police reports and records from any emergency services to assist in proving fault. Such evidence is crucial particularly in accidents involving children, who may find it difficult or traumatic to recall the accident circumstances to support their case.

If your child has been involved in a cycle accident and suffered injury speak to our dedicated cycle accident team today.

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