Loss of Earnings
Motobike and cycle accidents can be very disruptive and often injured riders are forced to take time off work because of their injuries. You can claim for loss of earnings irrespective of whether you are an employee or you are self employed. Losses caused as a direct result of both your accident and you injuries are recoverable.

Employed Work

In addition to your basic salary, you can also claim for any lost overtime, bonuses or any other benefits you would have been entitled to had you not been involved in the accident. If you are employed you will usually need to produce a copy of you payslips covering a period of 3 months prior to the accident. If you do not have this or have started a new job do not worry. Contact our bike accident team to discuss your lost earnings and we will advise you on alternative supporting evidence you may be able to produce to assist you claim.

Self Employed Work

If you are self employed or a business owner, it is a little more complicated, but not impossible to prove a loss of earnings claim. It is important to notify your accountant at an early stage that you are absent and incurring a loss through your business. Ensure that you keep records of your working diary, invoices and details of contracts or jobs that you were unable to fulfil due to your injuries. Contact our bike accident team to discuss your lost earnings in more detail and we will advise you on the supporting evidence you will need to provide.

We will ensure all losses incurred as a direct result of your accident will be reimbursed by the at fault party.

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