A motorcyclist, moped rider or cyclist, who has been injured as a result of an accident, can often be left with serious restrictions and disabilities which give rise to some level of care.

Care and assistance can be given by loved ones, friends and family – if the injuries are minimal or in more serious cases – from health professionals.

Care and assistance can often form the largest part of a claim for compensation. It is important that an injured person’s care needs (both in the short term and long term) are included in a claim to ensure they are given the best chance of making a good recovery from their injuries.

Gratuitous Personal Care

Any time taken out by friends and family is recoverable and is often referred to as ‘gratuitous care’. Gratuitous care will usually involve domestic chores, such as cooking, cleaning and shopping. It may also include child care, DIY, driving and gardening. It is important that a record of the time spent and the nature of the care provided is kept to assist in calculating the level of loss recoverable. Memories can fade with time and a care diary can help recollect and calculate a claim for past gratuitous care provided.

When a bike rider has suffered serious injuries, Bike Injury Solicitors will request that an Immediate Needs Assessment (INA) is carried out at the earliest opportunity. The INA will usually be conducted by an appointed case manager with expertise in the specific type of injury sustained. The INA will contain recommendations regarding the appropriate care and assistance required in order to put the injured cyclist back on the road to recovery as soon as possible.

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