rehabilation after bike accident

We know how serious motorcycle and cycling accidents can be. Both motor bike riders and cyclists do not have a metal box to keep them safe from the dangers of a collision and accident on the road.

No matter how serious your injury Bike Injury Solicitors will ensure you receive the medical treatment and assistance you require to get you back up and mobile.

We will push the at fault party to engage in the Rehabilitation Code 2015 at the start of your claim to ensure your needs are met at the earliest opportunity.

What is rehabilitation?

There are two types of rehabilitation:

  1. Adaptive

  2. Restorative

Adaptive rehabilitation

Adaptive rehabilitation is designed to assist injured people in the post trauma stage. For example after a fractured arm you may be discharged from hospital with impaired physical functioning or mobility.  You may require adaptations and aids in your home to allow you to function whilst your injuries improve or you undergo further treatment. You may also require occupational therapy to help you deal with normal day to day activities at home or when returning back to work.

Restorative rehabilitation

Restorative rehabilitation is designed to help put you back in a pre accident level of functioning. Rehabilitation may be physical in the form of physiotherapy or mental in the form of cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of rehabilitation is vital to assist you regaining function and speed up your return back to work. 

Each person is different and requires prompt assessment to identify their needs. No matter what you may require to help you to recover Bike Injury Solicitors will ensure you receive the rehabilitation you need as part of your case.  

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