It is possible to claim for any additional travel expenses you have incurred following a bike accident.

There are a variety of travel costs you may incur and could include:-  

  • Replacement bike hire charges

  • Taxi fare charges

  • Bus fare charges

  • Underground fares

  • Train fares

The additional travel costs can be recovered if incurred because you no longer have your motorcycle, moped or cycle and have to find an alternative way to take the journey such as commuting to and from work, going to the gym or visiting friends.

You may also claim for travel costs which you incur as a result of the accident for example, you may need to visit the hospital, your GP, or another medical professional for treatment and appointments. If you have to stay in hospital it is often possible to claim for journeys taken by your immediate relatives to visit you.

The travel expenses must relate to journeys taken because of the accident, be reasonable and not excessive. 

In all cases you need to be able to prove that the journey taken was necessary, and as a consequence of your accident.

Normally, you can claim for the fare you paid if using public transport, such as bus or train tickets, and if travelling by car, the standard rate is usually 45p per mile in addition to parking costs.

It is important that you keep hold of all receipts relating to the additional travel costs incurred to support your claim. 

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